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Fri Aug 28 15:54:11 BST 2009

A Sexta, 28 de Agosto de 2009 14:53:53 Aaron J. Seigo vocĂȘ escreveu:
> On August 27, 2009, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> > The UI definitely needs work. Oh, and for button style, it should be
> > "sunken" (<- "default"), "flush" (<- "KDE 4.2") and "raised" (as in KDE
> > 4.1)... I want my original buttons back :-).
> isn't this why we have the ability to have different window decorations? in
> any case, please think very carefully about whether such fine grained
> changes matter. i would humbly submit that the visual difference between
> sunken and flush, at least as currently implemented, is really not worth an
> option.
> pick a way and go for it :)
> > +1 to dropping stripes :-). +100 to dropping drag handle, it's *ugly*.
> huzzah! :)
> > > the good things in Nitrogen? it has those Exceptions which should allow
> > > us to tune it to work better with other applications. cool.
> >
> > Exceptions was easily the feature that made me go "ooh, shiny". +1 that
> > this is the best feature in Nitrogen.
> yep.
> > > let's leave ultimatums out of it until we have an actual impasse.
> >
> >  From past experience, I can tell you that won't take long. Various
> > people have been trying to get Oxygen to accept just the non-blended
> > title bars since before 4.0...
> we can figure this out while avoiding impasse. we just have to avoid self-
> fulfilling prophecies of defeatist thinking :)
> as for non-blended tiltle bars, it does look pretty bad when used as a
> global option. and it leads to distros shipping with things like solid blue
> titlebars which then ends up being the screenshots of KDE4 in regional and
> national newspapers which gives people a very BAD impression of the beauty
> of KDE.
> i think it's sensible to include it in the exceptions area for use cases
> like firefox, but perhaps it shouldn't be a global option. we could include
> another window decoration that provides this very easily, no? in fact,
> unless i'm mistaken, we already do.

+1 with that I would be ok with. 

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