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On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 4:16 PM, Nuno Pinheiro<nuno at> wrote:
> So let me get this, you did not talk with nitrogen developer? you just copied
> it over from kde-look and ported it to kdebase?

I have no idea where you get this idea. I discussed with the Nitrogen
developer for days about the advantages and disadvantages of moving
Nitrogen into KDE SVN. He is now actively developing in trunk with the
rest of us KWin devs. He has already stacked up 20 commits in trunk
with the last one being a little over a day ago.

I have also not prevented him from porting the features into Oxygen,
that's between you guys. Why would I want to prevent that anyway? I
want only one decoration as well!

Nitrogen is purely only a replacement for Ozone, not a replacement for
Oxygen. Think of Nitrogen as simply a new version of Ozone.

> I see alot of confusion here .... all we want is to make the hit area of the
> bottom corner extend a bit into the shadow area, so that we can make the
> window itself smaller. This is something nitrogen does but creates an
> extremely hard to click and drag resize corner.

Imagine two window side-by-side with their edges touching each other.
We assume KWin has added support for extended resize handles meaning
there is now a small invisible overlap of the windows that the user
cannot see but can click. The left window is currently active and is
higher on the window stack than the right one. How do you resize the
left-hand side of the window on the right?

You cant. The invisible overlap of the window on the left covers the
resize handle of the right-hand window making it impossible to resize
unless the window on the left if moved/resized first.


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