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Nuno Pinheiro nuno at
Thu Aug 27 23:05:26 BST 2009

A Quinta, 27 de Agosto de 2009 22:52:09 Matthew Woehlke vocĂȘ escreveu:
> Nuno Pinheiro wrote:
> > A Quinta, 27 de Agosto de 2009 21:43:42 Matthew Woehlke vocĂȘ escreveu:
> >> Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> >>> let's leave ultimatums out of it until we have an actual impasse.
> >>
> >> From past experience, I can tell you that won't take long. Various
> >> people have been trying to get Oxygen to accept just the non-blended
> >> title bars since before 4.0...
> >
> > and  in the end you guys won ozone was default and you can paint the
> > windeco in a different color from the window itself, i have explain this
> > over and over again its fundamentally wrong as the basic design of oxygen
> > goes, its a fine option but its not oxygen.
> > if you remember correctly you will remember that there was never an
> > unanimous opinion about it several people took one side and others took
> > another. there are bugs in bowth directions. In the end the kwin
> > maintainer decided.
> >
> > I find it extremely unfair to say that we don't accept input its a lie
> > and you know it Matthew Woehlke,
> I didn't; I said that the historical situation has been that Ozone and
> Oxygen have had irreconcilable differences. If that's changed, I will
> happily stand corrected.
> My viewpoint is simply that getting down to only one style seems
> unlikely unless Oxygen accepts the "don't blend titlebar color with
> window contents" option...
> > the only thing I wont accept is the current implementation of the
> > "color my windeco"
> ...which right here, you say again that you oppose. And that was my
> point. Though in fairness, it's for you and Lubos to fight over.
> Personally...
> > as oxygen the stripes and the active glow are tries to tackle that
> > issue.
> ...I find the colored edges an acceptable solution. Prior to the sizing
> bug I'd even switched back to Oxygen... that sizing bug *must* be fixed.

it was reverted seconds ago, its a mix bug between us and kwin, and we should 
actually implement the feature its a very good feature   

> With that fixed, /I/ am okay with merging everything back down to one
> decoration, but Lubos has historically felt very strongly about the
> "color my windeco" (as you put it) option.
> Personally I think the best solution would be to include that, but have
> it off by default.

its the thing that is not oxygen :)
"one slab look", remember the day wen this started? my main concern was that 
some distro would ship that option ON by default  and so they did, it looked 
very bad. Made kde look very bad but all we could do was not accept that in 

Oxygen coordinator  

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