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On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 11:34 PM, Frank Karlitschek<karlitschek at> wrote:
> 4.) someting else

The plan is to make Nitrogen the default decoration and remove Ozone
completely. Ozone is still there as Nitrogen still requires some small
bug fixes before it is forced onto everybody that uses trunk.

The Oxygen decoration will remain because:

Oxygen = The way the designers want the decoration (Pixel perfect and not ugly!)
Nitrogen = The way the users want the decoration (User customisable
and better usability!)

Unless the Oxygen team can live with the customisation settings (All
the past discussion about this says they don't want to) the Oxygen
decoration will remain to be forked as Nitrogen contains settings that
are essential for usability, for example the emphasised active window
border style.


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