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Gustavo Boiko gustavo.boiko at
Mon Aug 17 20:41:07 BST 2009

Hi Lubos

Em 17/08/2009, às 16:16, Lubos Lunak escreveu:

> Hello,
> could somebody tell me the status and plans for kcontrol/randr? I  
> thought it
> was going to be replaced/adapted for Kephal, but that doesn't seem  
> to be the
> case.

That's the case in fact. krandrtray (and its respective kcontrol  
module) is intended to be replaced by kephal.

> I'm asking because for openSUSE11.1 I had to get GUI support for  
> xrandr1.2
> and since 4.2 with Kephal was too late for that, I branched from 4.1  
> and
> handled it in whatever way I saw fit, because I thought it was  
> temporary
> anyway. However now even in 4.3 kcontrol/randr is more or less the  
> same code
> and also the same problems, most notably the inability to do  
> anything with
> multiple monitors.

Yes, the code in there has a lot of problems, but since the plan was  
to replace it by kephal I thought it was not worth fixing. But it  
seems Aike does't have much time to work on it, and I am also busy  
working on other projects right now.

> Therefore, unless there are different plans, I would like to switch  
> trunk's
> kcontrol/randr to branches/work/~seli/randr43, which is my changes  
> applied to
> current codebase. There are few things missing (noted in the BRANCH  
> file),
> but I think it mostly works better than current trunk version. The
> differences include:
> - it can set up multiple monitors (e.g. 2nd to the right of the 1st  
> one),
> current trunk has this even disabled completely
> - the preview widget shows the future status after applying changes,  
> not the
> current status (which I see pointless, there's it's enough to just  
> look at
> the real monitors)
> - there's no loading of any settings at startup (again, IMO  
> pointless, I want
> to change the current status, not some random saved stuff)
> - there is a kded module monitor watching for Key_Display (Fn+F7 or  
> whatever,
> needs Qt patching) and switching outputs as a result, and also  
> watching for
> monitor (un)plugging and offering to do changes as a result (there  
> xrandr
> sucks and can't actually detect this well). I think Kephal currently  
> is
> supposed to do this, but I don't know the status.

I would say go for it. I can't really work on it right now (I thought  
I was going to have some free time, but it ended up that I've gotten  
other things to work on).

Kephal's xrandr backend is based on krandrtray classes, so maybe some  
of your fixes are also suitable for kephal.
This Key_Display thing could be added to the kephal backend probably.

Other than that, I can't really spend much time on it, but if you  
happen to need some help, just ping me.



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