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Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Mon Aug 17 20:16:25 BST 2009


 could somebody tell me the status and plans for kcontrol/randr? I thought it 
was going to be replaced/adapted for Kephal, but that doesn't seem to be the 

 I'm asking because for openSUSE11.1 I had to get GUI support for xrandr1.2 
and since 4.2 with Kephal was too late for that, I branched from 4.1 and 
handled it in whatever way I saw fit, because I thought it was temporary 
anyway. However now even in 4.3 kcontrol/randr is more or less the same code 
and also the same problems, most notably the inability to do anything with 
multiple monitors.

 Therefore, unless there are different plans, I would like to switch trunk's 
kcontrol/randr to branches/work/~seli/randr43, which is my changes applied to 
current codebase. There are few things missing (noted in the BRANCH file), 
but I think it mostly works better than current trunk version. The 
differences include:

- it can set up multiple monitors (e.g. 2nd to the right of the 1st one), 
current trunk has this even disabled completely
- the preview widget shows the future status after applying changes, not the 
current status (which I see pointless, there's it's enough to just look at 
the real monitors)
- there's no loading of any settings at startup (again, IMO pointless, I want 
to change the current status, not some random saved stuff)
- there is a kded module monitor watching for Key_Display (Fn+F7 or whatever, 
needs Qt patching) and switching outputs as a result, and also watching for 
monitor (un)plugging and offering to do changes as a result (there xrandr 
sucks and can't actually detect this well). I think Kephal currently is 
supposed to do this, but I don't know the status.

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