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Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at
Mon Aug 17 07:29:09 BST 2009

On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 8:09 AM, Kevin Ottens<ervin at> wrote:
> On Sunday 16 August 2009 23:04:01 Sven Burmeister wrote:
>> > 2) AutomountEnabled should have false by default. So that means that
>> > (with the previous change) automounting is completely shutdown by
>> > default. We can't really afford having something doing automounting
>> > enabled by default for the reasons I pointed out above (multi-user envs,
>> > formatting, etc.)
>> I disagree at least in parts because I claim that newbies and "normal"
>> users, i.e. those with less knowledge should be the ones defaults aim at.
> Except that the use case for that are people with knowledge about what
> mount/unmount is and want to access their device *now* from the console
> without mounting first. Those obviously have enough knowledge to turn on the
> automount and I don't plan to optimize for them (I'm one of those BTW).
> For all the other users out there, the "mount on demand" as it is implemented
> right now is enough. Anywhere you could access a device from the UI we mount
> as soon as the user tries to make a first access attempt. It's not like they
> need to know what mounting is...

You know this falls flat on it's face with session restore? I get
plenty of 'folder not accessible' messages every time I log in...

Maybe see what the usability ppl have to say about auto mounting or
not. I see how ppl who aren't very knowledgeable might need
automounting by default, and I see how it could hurt them...

>> There should be some discussion about the actual cases where this can lead
>> to problems and better ways around them than just disabling this useful
>> feature.
> There's on going work for that in the infrastructure below KDE (mainly on
> Linux, and in the form of D-Bus services tied in system specifics facilities)
> but it's still not ready yet, and I see nothing coming for some of the non-
> Linux free platforms (I might be wrong there as I didn't check in a while).
> Note that I'm not advocating to make it off by default until the end of times.
> But right now it's calling for troubles to make it default.
> Regards.
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