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Andreas Pakulat wrote:
>On 09.08.09 21:04:50, Sune Vuorela wrote:
>> On 2009-08-09, Tom Albers <toma at> wrote:
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>> > Op Sunday 09 August 2009 07:08 schreef u:
>> >> On 2009-08-08, David Faure <faure at> wrote:
>> >> > Any comments or objections?
>> >>
>> >> I object to anything that involves abi-unstable libraies with
>> >> public headers in kdelibs.
>> >>
>> >> /Sune
>> >
>> > Why? It's similar to what akonadi does:
>> > install a and install headers like
>> > itempayloadinternals_p.h. The naming should provide enough hints to
>> > developers to not use it blindly.
>> akonadi is not part of kdelibs
>> so far, I've been told that akonadiprivate is only named private "to
>> scare off people who don't know what they are doing", not because it
>> isn't keeping a stable abi
>> and I do expect akonadiprivate to use a proper abi stability policy
>> (change major version of soname on BIC changes between releases)
>So I guess your problem with library that doesn't keep BC in kdelibs is
>that you might have to change kdelibs name on each release? If thats the
>case, this is basically a "packagers-only" issue and could easily be
>solved by simply splitting out this single lib from kdelibs and
>providing a separate binary package for it. I'm assuming that
>liboxygenhelper plays by the rules and changes its SONAME when breaking

The problem is about providing a separate binary package for it. That's 
pretty clear.

The problem is about providing a separate *source* package for it. If KDE 
doesn't do that, it becomes very difficult for packagers.

The policy we came up for experimental libs solves that, by forcing 
separate source releases. If oxygenhelper wants, it can do exactly that.

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