Darío Andrés andresbajotierra at
Wed Apr 29 15:47:23 BST 2009

> Now we should look what to do at We used to have both kcontrol
> and systemsettings products. I am not sure if they can be merged. Many bug
> reports are actually about the individual modules, not the kcontrol app
> itself.
> Christoph Feck (kdepepo)

Hi. I'm managing part of bugzilla product/components.
We took some decisions about this (previously to know the existence of
this new "kcontrol4" implementation):

KDE3 bugs should be on "kcontrol" product (or its internal modules).
"kcontrol" product is locked now.
KDE4 bugs should be on "systemsettings" product (or its internal modules).

Now, when this project appeared, I thought about:
- Leave the "general" component under SS for the "KDE4" default view
(icon view, General/Advanced tab)
- Adding a new "treeview" component under SS for the new implementated
treeview ("kcontrol revival")
- Use the internal "kcm_*" components for the modules themselves.

Also, if you are planning to introduce the "Report bug" function on
SystemSettings you could use the module name to report under the
"systemsettings" b.k.o product. (we still need to do some renaming so
the module names and the components names under bugzilla match


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