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On Friday 24 April 2009, Aurélien Gâteau wrote:
> >> One usually do not trigger mouse clicks accidentally because it's a
> >> point-and-click operation. Wheel-scroll is not: you just roll the wheel,
> >> thinking the mouse is still over the document you are reading. That's
> >> the whole point of mouse wheel: scrolling without pointing the cursor at
> >> the scrollbar.
> >
> > that isn't how wheeling has worked now or ever in x11. again, please
> > direct your energy to the right place.
> I do not understand what you mean. For me using the mouse wheel on x11
> (as on other os) means getting a page to scroll while my mouse is over
> the page, not over the scrollbar.

yes, it's about scrolling when it isn't over the scrollbar; however, on some 
other systems (at least last time i tried) you have to click the window to 
give it wheel focus first. in x you just hover and wheel and the wheel event 
goes to whatever is hovered, not necessarily focused. 

whether that's a smart thing or not depends on your POV :) personally i'd love 
an option somewhere for this if it doesn't already exist.

> >> if the browser suddenly switches between tabs, or if the wm switches to
> >> another window/desktop. This is because mouse-wheel is expected to be a
> >> very easy-to-undo operation: if you roll a bit too low, just roll it a
> >> bit up to get where you want. Magical pagers and taskbars break this.
> >
> > "magical" pagers and taskbars behave identically; roll up a bit and
> > you're back to where you were.
> True for pagers and taskbars, false for desktop background.

i'm pretty agnostic on the desktop background, btw. i'd be fine with an option 
for it and default it to off now that we have that corona config box. the only 
reason why that feature is there is i got really tired of getting email about 
it not being there and in a moment of exasperated weakness implemented it (it 
was a 1-2 liner)

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