Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at
Fri Apr 24 23:02:10 BST 2009

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Friday 24 April 2009, Aurélien Gâteau wrote:
>>>> One usually do not trigger mouse clicks accidentally because it's a
>>>> point-and-click operation. Wheel-scroll is not: you just roll the wheel,
>>>> thinking the mouse is still over the document you are reading. That's
>>>> the whole point of mouse wheel: scrolling without pointing the cursor at
>>>> the scrollbar.
>>> that isn't how wheeling has worked now or ever in x11. again, please
>>> direct your energy to the right place.
>> I do not understand what you mean. For me using the mouse wheel on x11
>> (as on other os) means getting a page to scroll while my mouse is over
>> the page, not over the scrollbar.
> yes, it's about scrolling when it isn't over the scrollbar; however, on some 
> other systems (at least last time i tried) you have to click the window to 
> give it wheel focus first. in x you just hover and wheel and the wheel event 
> goes to whatever is hovered, not necessarily focused.
> whether that's a smart thing or not depends on your POV :) personally i'd love 
> an option somewhere for this if it doesn't already exist.

Oh ok, now I see what you mean. I guess it comes from the fact that the
wheel is considered like mouse buttons. It shouldn't be too hard to
blacklist those, but it's beyond my patching jurisdiction :)

>>>> if the browser suddenly switches between tabs, or if the wm switches to
>>>> another window/desktop. This is because mouse-wheel is expected to be a
>>>> very easy-to-undo operation: if you roll a bit too low, just roll it a
>>>> bit up to get where you want. Magical pagers and taskbars break this.
>>> "magical" pagers and taskbars behave identically; roll up a bit and
>>> you're back to where you were.
>> True for pagers and taskbars, false for desktop background.
> i'm pretty agnostic on the desktop background, btw. i'd be fine with an option 
> for it and default it to off now that we have that corona config box. the only 
> reason why that feature is there is i got really tired of getting email about 
> it not being there and in a moment of exasperated weakness implemented it (it 
> was a 1-2 liner)

I see what you mean :). Chani gave me hope on this one, so all is not lost!


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