Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at
Fri Apr 24 21:15:21 BST 2009

Thomas Lübking wrote:
>> Auntie Nora is one of the personas we use at Canonical. 
> "use"?
> as a cliché, as [censored]-toy (ieeeh) or is she really a living person?
> is she your auntie? ;-P

I am afraid you do not know what a persona is. Read this:


> another (personal) example:
> i had (always) trouble with the caps/lock (and imho it's a much worse UI dev 
> part than a mouse wheel) so now on my keyboard it does exactly nothing (ok, it 
> behaves as normal shift.
> to me, my keayboard was broken, i knew how to fix it, so i fixed it. (distros 
> may do that for their target users, btw...)

Hehe, maybe I should propose a patch for next Kubuntu then (just kidding
:) )

Anyway, this discussion is going nowhere, I leave now.


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