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Em Sexta-feira 24 Abril 2009, às 10:17:20, Aurélien Gâteau escreveu:
> Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> >> * secondary, if any, action to be taken
> >
> > How about tertiary and quaternary actions? I'm not thinking here of wheel
> > events (which the spec supports by calling Wheel, but of those fancy mice
> > with more than the 5 standard buttons.
> Wheel events in the panel are evil IMHO because it's too easy to trigger
> them by accident.
> When my browser is maximized, I often wheel-scroll the page a bit, leave
> the mouse to reach my glass of Coke, read a bit more, then put my hand
> back on the mouse to wheel-scroll further.
> If by doing so I inadvertently move the mouse a few centimeters, the
> cursor may end up out of the window and over the taskbar. When I
> wheel-scroll I get completely unexpected behavior: my browser window
> goes away and is replaced by the next window in the taskbar... frustrating.

That is not specific to the notification area so I don't think it's a point.

Right now this KMail composer window isn't maximised and I have no idea where 
my mouse pointer is (hidden while typing). If I scroll, I don't know whether 
it'll scroll this document, the Kontact mail list below or the IRC window on 
the next screen.

Besides, this applies to maximised windows too: I still have the IRC window on 
the screen to the right. In your example, I could be scrolling on that 
konsole. Or if it happened to fall on empty Plasma space, it would go to 
another desktop.

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