Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at
Fri Apr 24 11:44:56 BST 2009

Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Right now this KMail composer window isn't maximised and I have no idea where 
> my mouse pointer is (hidden while typing). If I scroll, I don't know whether 
> it'll scroll this document, the Kontact mail list below or the IRC window on 
> the next screen.

I was speaking about maximized windows.

> Besides, this applies to maximised windows too: I still have the IRC window on 
> the screen to the right. In your example, I could be scrolling on that 
> konsole. Or if it happened to fall on empty Plasma space, it would go to 
> another desktop.

First I believe most non-techy users do not use multiple monitors.
Second, just because there are many ways to get screwed, doesn't mean we
should add others. It's not just me: I have witnessed this problem with
a few users.

I believe mouse wheel on empty Plasma space is bad too, especially since
it can't be undone: scroll from empty desktop to busy desktop, now
scroll back... can't do that, the window in front just caught the mouse

Adding mouse wheel support to desktop items is a bad idea. It is just
too easy to accidentally trigger a wheel event, and a mouse wheel is not
precise enough for simple increase/decrease actions.


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