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Tue Apr 21 14:56:57 BST 2009

Am Tuesday 21 April 2009 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:
> if you have a better name, though, i'd be _happy_ to have it .. now's the
> time to do it :)
err.., as traditional systray icons used to have a interactive part 
("right/click me, wheel me") what about


 or (as proxy - though the defining term here - could associate a 
"ProxyApplication") even 


(KBridgeHead could be possible as well, but "bridge" could be /really/ 
misleading as well ;-)

> a messaging area (for the messaging entries). we're trying to tame the
> system tray by getting rid of the "system tray" itself as much as possible
thank you. period.

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