Moving Solid-SysClass engine to kdereview

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Mon Apr 20 19:01:38 BST 2009

On Monday 20 April 2009 11:27:18 Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> Le lundi, 20 avril 2009, à 12:05, Dario Freddi a écrit:
> > Hello people,
> >
> > As you might know, Solid networking is starting to be used around KDE
> > applications, such as Plasma for the weather dataengine. Unfortunately,
> > not every user relies on a network manager such as NM or Wicd, hence
> > having a check for a link is impossible for them. So, after a discussion
> > on #plasma, I created a very simple Solid engine based on the values read
> > in /sys/class/net.
> >
> > It does nothing more than checking operstate for changes and notifies
> > Solid whenever a link is up. I'd like to move this to kdebase, even if
> > soft freeze is over, to avoid letting people down for not having a
> > network manager
> Without having looked at it, pardon me, a quick comment:
> There can be several kind of connections, e.g. one directly to the
> internet, one just to a local net, and one to a local which is also
> connected to the internet.
> Will this concept of certain types of connections be supported? I think it
> should. At least I have had several occasions where I was connected to a
> local net without access to the internet, still all programs believed they
> could fetch their data and brought up a lot of error messages. Which sucks
> :)
> Perhaps some kind of a concept with domains accessable could be supported,
> per link (e.g. WLAN to router to internet, LAN to just local net). This
> might also include connections over vpn.

That's still not sufficient, think of ports being blocked. And if you're lucky 
there, the amount of data you want to transfer in the case of being connected 
might be prohibitive for the bandwidth available (which is totally 
unpredictable since the connection speed or available bandwidth might change). 
And then all that knowledge is just a snapshot for the current situation. And 
all that of course depends on whatever a DNS server might tell you (i.e. could still point to localhost for some weird setups ...)

I do think however that it's more of an academic question at that point. Just 
having a "bool areWeConnectedToTheInternet()" is good enough for the large 
majority of usecases (which is what we should try to tackle).
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