Moving Solid-SysClass engine to kdereview

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Mon Apr 20 10:27:18 BST 2009

Le lundi, 20 avril 2009, à 12:05, Dario Freddi a écrit:
> Hello people,
> As you might know, Solid networking is starting to be used around KDE
> applications, such as Plasma for the weather dataengine. Unfortunately, not
> every user relies on a network manager such as NM or Wicd, hence having a
> check for a link is impossible for them. So, after a discussion on #plasma,
> I created a very simple Solid engine based on the values read in
> /sys/class/net.
> It does nothing more than checking operstate for changes and notifies Solid
> whenever a link is up. I'd like to move this to kdebase, even if soft
> freeze is over, to avoid letting people down for not having a network
> manager

Without having looked at it, pardon me, a quick comment:

There can be several kind of connections, e.g. one directly to the internet, 
one just to a local net, and one to a local which is also connected to the 

Will this concept of certain types of connections be supported? I think it 
should. At least I have had several occasions where I was connected to a 
local net without access to the internet, still all programs believed they 
could fetch their data and brought up a lot of error messages. Which sucks :)

Perhaps some kind of a concept with domains accessable could be supported, per 
link (e.g. WLAN to router to internet, LAN to just local net). This might 
also include connections over vpn.

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