File dialog layout

Sebastian TrĂ¼g strueg at
Mon Sep 15 19:50:18 BST 2008

On Monday 15 September 2008 18:18:40 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > As for the info: so far you only get normal file information or actual
> > Nepomuk resources which are of course not handled by KDE apps yet.
> perhaps i could make the file dialog handle those resources and have it
> spit out urls on the other side?

All resources have an URI.

> we do only want actual files in this dialog, so any resources retrieved
> would have an associated URL. that would mean having a separate view for
> the search in the file dialog ... hm .. that would be a fair amount of work
> ...

Did not follow here? Why do we need an additional view? After all, it's KIO...

> > As for additional information: I think here we enter the world of
> > non-folder-hierarchy based opening which I thought about pretty often.
> > But this is something for the near future. I think for now the kio slave
> > is perfect in this situation.
> >
> > "Why was it found" - Sadly not implemented yet. Sorry.
> ok, i'll try and keep up with the nepomuk devel (and you can feel free to
> poke me in the ribs, too) so that i can keep the file dialog implementation
> using the full capabilities of nepomuk ...
> so here are my current plans for the file dialog based on all of this then:
> KDE 4.2:
> * add the search field and use the ioslave, show the results as a normal
> file listing


> KDE 4.3:
> * make the file dialog aware of Nepomuk resources

I think this makes only sense once applications become able to handle Nepomuk 
Until then it could be useful to always add another search parameter to 
restrict to file resources... but we can work on the details later. :)
Except if you have the same idea in mind as I have: do not show a folder 
hierarchy but allow the user (and the application) to choose the type of 
resource it wants to open (typical examples would include: an "Invoice" or 
a "personal letter" or a "reimboursement sheet" or a "Presentation" or 
a "photograph" or a "Screenshot"). In addition other search parameters could 
be defined like creation date or other stuff we also use in the search. The 
basic idea of this apporach is that users do not think in files anymore but 
in information or resources. The same can be done for saving of files 
(sorry, "of information" ;)
I think this was also mentioned in the Nepomuk talk at the Akademy.

> * create a view for these returns if one doesn't already exist in
> Nepomuk-KDE and use that view when searching instead of browsing

Again: here I do not follow and don't get why there needs to be an additional 


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