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On Monday 15 September 2008, Sebastian TrĂ¼g wrote:
> On Monday 15 September 2008 18:18:40 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > > As for the info: so far you only get normal file information or actual
> > > Nepomuk resources which are of course not handled by KDE apps yet.
> >
> > perhaps i could make the file dialog handle those resources and have it
> > spit out urls on the other side?
> All resources have an URI.


> > KDE 4.3:
> > * make the file dialog aware of Nepomuk resources
> I think this makes only sense once applications become able to handle
> Nepomuk resources.
> Until then it could be useful to always add another search parameter to
> restrict to file resources... but we can work on the details later. :)

yes, we would always have to restrict the *file* dialog to resources that 
resolve down to files and then provide an additional parameter that 
applications can set, much like they do with filters, that describes what sort 
of resources they understand.

my motivation for uses resources direction in the file dialog, though, would be 
to get at things like properties, tags, annotations and descriptions. these 
could be used as additional hints in the search results or as categorization 

> > * create a view for these returns if one doesn't already exist in
> > Nepomuk-KDE and use that view when searching instead of browsing
> Again: here I do not follow and don't get why there needs to be an
> additional view.

where in KDirOperator will we be able to show to the user why the item was 

we can do grouping with KCategorizedView, but KDirOperator doesn't provide 
that itself and we'd need to populate a categorizabe model as well.

listing the contents of a physical folder is fairly straightforward and 
simple, while listing the results of a search and doing a good job of it i 
sprobably a slightly different story.

imagine if google's search results looked like a directory listing. =)

for the immediate time, having a simple listing is probably fine. but we can do 
a lot better given the information Nepomuk gives us access to. or am i 
overestimating the usefulness of Nepomuk? ;)

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