Change release schedule 4.2 and schedule for 4.3

Chani chanika at
Thu Sep 11 18:39:20 BST 2008

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>  > Primary Development
>  > -----------------------------
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>  > Spring -> Summer happens using the usual review and approval system; people
>  > such as myself, Sebas, Marco, Chani, $OTHER_CENTRAL_PLASMA_DEVS tend to do
>  > the bulk of approvals and merges. nobody outside of the core team needs to
>  > worry about Spring branches unless they really care to.
> Sorry to hijack the thread at this mail, i've not been following much but
>  this "core people" approval sentence just made my radar ring.
>  Are we going to loose the capacity of committing everywhere? If so i'm totally
>  against that kind of change.

i imagine you technically would be able to commit wherever you please,
but if you dumped a bunch of buggy code in somewhere without having it
reviewed by the maintainer(s) you'd get yelled at just as much as you
would now. :)

this is a social thing; we enforce patch review socially in plasma
now, and we would continue to do so, although we'd probably raise the
bar a bit once features can all be developed in spring branches and
not just unversioned on someone's hard drive.

This message brought to you by evyl bananas and the number 3.

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