Change release schedule 4.2 and schedule for 4.3

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Wed Sep 10 03:47:37 BST 2008

On Tuesday 09 September 2008, Marijn Kruisselbrink wrote:
> On Wednesday 10 September 2008 03:57:15 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > On Tuesday 09 September 2008, Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
> > > Yes. git makes handling multiple branches much more easy than svn. Of
> > > course it is also possible to do this in svn, but it requires more
> > > work.
> >
> > in our (plasma team's) experience it's not possible enough to be
> > practical. it's just too difficult to switch between branches, merge into
> > trunk, pick specific revisions from branches, temporarily try branches
> > with each other, ... it's livable if there is only one branch per set of
> > files (multiple branches on the same set of files == pain, pain, pain),
> > the branches are relatively short lived (over a month and it's painful)
> > and the branch deltas remain reasonable.
> I guess your/plasma's experience is with svn 1.4, as that is what is
> currently used by kde.

mostly, yes.

> Svn 1.5 however has significantly improved
> branching/merge tracking/cherry picking, so saying svn isn't an option is
> perhaps not really correct. The current svn might not be an option, but the
> latest (and future) svn versions might be a whole lot better in this
> regard.

i've been using the 1.5 client since it came out (not sure what features 
require server side support?); i find the improvements nice but still 

i'll believe "it might be a whole lot better" when i actually see it =)

that said, i'm a lot less interested in SCM discussions than i am about 
release and development schedule discussions. they just happen to overlap and 
intertwine often as topics.

if svn starts giving me enough of what i need to development the way i want 
to, i'm just fine with svn. in fact, i'd prefer svn because it's more widely 
known and doesn't require the project to do any migrations! less work == good!

it does seem that git is likely to be in our future, however, unless something 
unexpected occurs with svn:

git isn't perfect either, but then again git is already part of my life with 
KDE and not because i wished it upon myself: many of my teammates are using it 
on a regular basis. as a project maintainer / coordinator it was "git or get 
left behind" for some developments.

at the end of the day, whatever SCM we use, we still need to answer the 
scheduling and coordination questions. so ... i'll leave the SCM question to 
the SCM mailing list people who know a hell of a lot more about it than i do 
and try and keep more focussed on the scheduling/coordination side of it.

to that end, i promise not to mention svn or git again in this thread =)

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