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Thu Sep 4 14:35:20 BST 2008

On Thursday 04 September 2008, Ben Cooksley wrote:
> hi,
> i have moved my kosdwidget library from playground/base to kdereview.
> kosdwidget is a widget that can be used by an application,library,
> daemon, etc. to display an on-screen display in a easy way.
> it aims to be able to display some text, some supplied progress ( in a
> progress bar ) and a image, as well as being able to be hidden either
> when it is clicked or on a timer. it automatically integrates by
> setting the appropriate kde font and palette whenever it changes, and
> is based on qwidget. the image is automatically scaled to fit the
> space provided for image display. all i have described above is
> currently functional. i hope to move it to kdelibs trunk.

for me this is the real showstopper:

* which applications are using it?[1]

other issues include:

* how does it look in a non-composited environment?

* the apidox still look a mess; they should be formatted like every other 
class does: short lines so its readable by looking at the header in a text 

* i still don't agree with the 20x20 grid system

* positionx and positiony (besides that they should probably be positionX and 
positionY) are redundant with position().x() and position().y()

* why defaultFont() and defaultPalette()?

* theming is still not considered in the code.

i don't think this is a valid candidate for kdelibs. the code needs more 
maturing, it needs to be used in some real world applications (i'd suggest 
seeing if you can work with the Amarok guys, in fact).

[1]  the kdisplay app doesn't count, really. it's in playground, it's whole 
purpose is this one item ....
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