moving kosdwidget to kdereview

Ben Cooksley sourtooth at
Thu Sep 4 07:06:15 BST 2008


i have moved my kosdwidget library from playground/base to kdereview.
kosdwidget is a widget that can be used by an application,library,
daemon, etc. to display an on-screen display in a easy way.

it aims to be able to display some text, some supplied progress ( in a
progress bar ) and a image, as well as being able to be hidden either
when it is clicked or on a timer. it automatically integrates by
setting the appropriate kde font and palette whenever it changes, and
is based on qwidget. the image is automatically scaled to fit the
space provided for image display. all i have described above is
currently functional. i hope to move it to kdelibs trunk.

quick checklist:
- used astyle to follow kdelibs coding style
- no krazy issues
- api documentation is included in the header
- compiles ( without complaint )
- all translation issues are handled by the applications using it (
ie. they provide the desired strings )


ben cooksley

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