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On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 2:51 AM, Andre Gemünd <scroogie at> wrote:

> Jordi Polo schrieb:
>> Any idea will be welcome, crazy ideas very wellcome (one year is a lot of
>> time)...
> What about
>  - reviving the KDE Text to Speech System (
>  - or the other way around, a speech recognition engine for text input
> (also hotkeys) or complete human-computer interaction

A wrapper for Julius  ( may be a
good idea here. Julius is opensource and works even in embedded devices ( I
guess it depends on the size of the vocabulary) The problem with this one is
that the technology of speech recognition is still not very mature. Users
can be very upset when you close what it was to be open.

>  - enhancing Sonnet with some fancy academic results
>  - a natural language parser for querying the help system

I think that the search functionality right now does a pretty good job and
also I don't know how many people really use the help... KDE apps are
intuitive enough.

>  - natural language to describe relations between entities in nepomuk
>  - semantic analysis of text for information retrieval

This is  more or less the same than my point 2.

> Ok, I guess these are very obvious ideas.

No, Thanks!

> Greetings
> André

Jordi Polo Carres
NLP laboratory - NAIST
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