Is alsa a mandatory requirement for kdebase-runtime?

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Tue Oct 21 14:49:03 BST 2008

Le samedi 18 octobre 2008, Mark Kirby a écrit :
> Hi,
> apologies if this is the wrong list feel free to bounce it to where
> ever it should go.
> Im trying to build KDE head on netbsd 4.99.72. I have successfully
> built kdelibs, kdepimlibs and kdebase-workspace.
> On attempting to configure kdebase-runtime it complains that ALSA is
> not installed and will not continue. Looking at the list of
> requirements ALSA is marked as optional.  Further up i noticed it
> complaining that pulse audio was not installed, i dont know if that is
> related.
> Does anyone have any ideas why it thinks ALSA is required when none of
> the other sources do?

Some of the phonon plugins need ALSA.
But the dependence should be optional.   
Where and what is the error exactly?
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