Is alsa a mandatory requirement for kdebase-runtime?

Mark Kirby mark at
Sat Oct 18 22:03:09 BST 2008


apologies if this is the wrong list feel free to bounce it to where  
ever it should go.

Im trying to build KDE head on netbsd 4.99.72. I have successfully  
built kdelibs, kdepimlibs and kdebase-workspace.

On attempting to configure kdebase-runtime it complains that ALSA is  
not installed and will not continue. Looking at the list of  
requirements ALSA is marked as optional.  Further up i noticed it  
complaining that pulse audio was not installed, i dont know if that is  

Does anyone have any ideas why it thinks ALSA is required when none of  
the other sources do?

Any help debugging this is very welcomed.


Mark Kirby

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