Convenience kdesupport tags for building kdelibs-4.1.x

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Mon Oct 6 20:33:15 BST 2008

Tom Albers wrote:
> At Saturday 04 October 2008 01:01, you wrote:
>> Is it still acceptable to build kdesupport trunk and say something when 
>> changes therein break other kde modules (as happened recently in 
>> kdeartwork)? I'm thinking "yes" as I think this would indicate 
>> source-incompatible changes.
> Of course. Just note that the impact reduces, as there are only a few
> people using it. That could mean that the fix can take a bit longer
> compared to the current situation as it has less priority.

That's ok. Honestly, I don't think of kdesupport as being a build 
headache, which means I've either somehow taken much less notice of 
problems (compared to other modules), or else had far fewer problems 
that with other modules. If something persists for more than a few days, 
usually I'll try to fix it myself (which is probably a good thing, since 
it means I'm contributing to fixing build breakage, whereas with a tag I 
wouldn't be.)

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