Convenience kdesupport tags for building kdelibs-4.1.x

Tom Albers tomalbers at
Sat Oct 4 13:06:30 BST 2008

At Saturday 04 October 2008 01:01, you wrote:
> David Faure wrote:
> > In addition, kdesupport developers have indicated that they would
> > like to be able to work in trunk without the constant fear of
> > breaking compilation in some remote module and being yelled at by 500
> > people :)
> Is it still acceptable to build kdesupport trunk and say something when 
> changes therein break other kde modules (as happened recently in 
> kdeartwork)? I'm thinking "yes" as I think this would indicate 
> source-incompatible changes.

Of course. Just note that the impact reduces, as there are only a few people using it. That could mean that the fix can take a bit longer compared to the current situation as it has less priority.
> Also, what effect does this have on unstable kdesupport libraries? IOW, 
> eigen+kdeartwork seems to be an example where the tag would have to 
> closely follow trunk, or else something will build for people using 
> kdesupport trunk but fail for people using the kdesupport-for-trunk tag, 
> or vice versa.

kdelibs should never fail to build when using the kdesupport-stable-for-trunk tag. The lib maintainer is free to do svn rm && svn cp in that tag as often as he likes, but when he does that everyday, he should really reconsider his workflow...



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