Convenience kdesupport tags for building kdelibs-4.1.x

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Sat Oct 4 00:01:32 BST 2008

David Faure wrote:
> In addition, kdesupport developers have indicated that they would
> like to be able to work in trunk without the constant fear of
> breaking compilation in some remote module and being yelled at by 500
> people :)

Is it still acceptable to build kdesupport trunk and say something when 
changes therein break other kde modules (as happened recently in 
kdeartwork)? I'm thinking "yes" as I think this would indicate 
source-incompatible changes.

Also, what effect does this have on unstable kdesupport libraries? IOW, 
eigen+kdeartwork seems to be an example where the tag would have to 
closely follow trunk, or else something will build for people using 
kdesupport trunk but fail for people using the kdesupport-for-trunk tag, 
or vice versa.

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