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Wed Nov 26 22:14:53 GMT 2008


I have been asked by Fredrik (I think he told me this) to do the "hover in 
shape" he did for FolderView plasmoid but in a more general shape: on a 
general itemview.

The technical issue is really straight forward: reimplement itemAt from 
QListView. It works quite fine.

The idea of "hover in shape" is to have items-of-same-size when hovering, but 
still being able to reach the viewport. This is managed by making the item 
only be hovered if we hover for instance, the icon or the text itself of that 
item. On the moment it it shown as hovered, the whole rect of the item is 
painted (well, look at folder view plasmoid to know about what I am talking 

The problem ?

We would need KListView (reimplements itemAt virtual method) and KItemDelegate 
(adds a new method, returning the contents shape of the item).

It would be nice if this list would be used by Dolphin (kdebase) and the 
open/save dialog (kdelibs).

So, the issue is not technical, but "of order". Where could we place this, 
knowing that making this public on the API (exporting it on any library) is 
just crazy ?

I was thinking that we could probably somehow create a library for KDE 
internal usage where we actually warning "do not link against this" as _p.h 
headers of Qt are "WE MEAN IT".

Removing classes from there, would still be binary incompatible when removing 
classes that will be unused on the future ?

What if we statically link this library ?

==== o ====

At other level, I have been planning to somehow rewrite KCategorizedView, 
since testing with Qt 4.5 it seems the layouting is broken, and basically also 
because I am not happy at all internally with it...

If there was no chance of success with the previous proposals, maybe I could 
add a method to KCategorizedView which would only hover on shape.

Dolphin already uses it, and it would be really trivial to make the open/save 
dialog using it.

Rafael Fernández López.
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