Binary compatibility issues - code placement

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Thu Nov 27 17:15:25 GMT 2008

Le mercredi 26 novembre 2008, Rafael Fernández López a écrit :
> We would need KListView (reimplements itemAt virtual method) and
> KItemDelegate (adds a new method, returning the contents shape of the
> item).
> It would be nice if this list would be used by Dolphin (kdebase) and the
> open/save dialog (kdelibs).
> So, the issue is not technical, but "of order". Where could we place this,
> knowing that making this public on the API (exporting it on any library) is
> just crazy ?

I don't really understand the problem to be honnest.

> I was thinking that we could probably somehow create a library for KDE
> internal usage where we actually warning "do not link against this" as _p.h
> headers of Qt are "WE MEAN IT".
> Removing classes from there, would still be binary incompatible when
> removing classes that will be unused on the future ?

Removeing class is not binary incompatible  but if we specify that we don't 
maintain binary compatibility in that library that's ok i guess.

> ==== o ====
> At other level, I have been planning to somehow rewrite KCategorizedView,
> since testing with Qt 4.5 it seems the layouting is broken, 

This was caused by a small bug in QSortFilterProxyModel, but it's now fixed.
(If you're testing Qt 4.5, please report any problem. (to me for example))

> and basically also because I am not happy at all internally with it...

I tried do do a very small application just in order to test it and i found 
the API not so easy as well.

> If there was no chance of success with the previous proposals, maybe I
> could add a method to KCategorizedView which would only hover on shape.
> Dolphin already uses it, and it would be really trivial to make the
> open/save dialog using it.

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