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Tue Nov 18 14:23:04 GMT 2008

Hi Matthias and all,

> Just my thought on this topic:
> I agree that visual effects are part of the look. But they are also a means
> of increasing visual feedback to the user on an action taken by the user.
> The added eye-candy is only part of the outcome, the more important part,
> to me at least, is that the user gets a clearer indication of what happened
> after he clicked somewhere.

Yes, I agree with you. However this have to be a work of the style itself 
(fully, not even partially).

I have had some short talks with Gof and he told me several times that they 
were thinking how to implement animations internally in QStyle.

For this reason, my position is that we should remove all this kind of effects 
(forced by something under the style), since it could collision with the 
effect the style is going to try.

If a style developer develops a "extremely simple" (yeah, he called it that 
way "EXTREMELY SIMPLE") style, which will avoid _all_ kind of animations, I 
think we _should_ respect the users who use this style.

For this reason I conclude that maybe what we have to do is to let this 
decision fully to the style developer.

> If you manage to make application requested visual effects "themeable" by
> the style that might be the solution to both aspects of visual FX.

Yes, bespin has this. On its configuration dialog for instance you can select 
which kind of animations you want when "switching tabs". However this is also 
automatically applied when switching pages on a paged dialog, and in general 
in a stacked layout context. I think this is nice.

However we introduced a mechanism on kdelibs for 4.2 on KGlobalSettings which 
should be asked by the styles that link to KDE. It will tell the style the 
preference the user has on animations and special features (like gradients).

Its name is KGlobalSettings::graphicEffectsLevel(). If the style developer 
asks to this method (which its content will be set by the user hopefully [If I 
make it for 4.2 on the style kcm] in 4.2) and acts in consequence we can have 
a real polite style that will obey the user main preferences.

Rafael Fernández López.
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