Code transitions - Theme transitions

Andrew Dorrell andrew.dorrell at
Wed Nov 19 10:45:03 GMT 2008

Rafael Fernández López wrote:
> Its name is KGlobalSettings::graphicEffectsLevel(). If the style developer 
> asks to this method (which its content will be set by the user hopefully [If I 
> make it for 4.2 on the style kcm] in 4.2) and acts in consequence we can have 
> a real polite style that will obey the user main preferences.

Doesn't this require a lot more of the style developer?  They have to 
manage not just the style they want to implement but also various 
sub-sets of it?

I can imagine some style developers will want to focus on a "light" (or 
simple) experience while others will want to use many effects.  Turning 
off effects may make a heavy/complex style usable but will not deliver 
the user experience intended by the style developer...

Just a thought

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