Annoying temporary lockups in trunk with nvidia

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Sat May 31 14:25:52 BST 2008


 since some weeks I started to see annoying lockups in trunk. This means 
that the mouse cursor cannot be moved for a while, or you move the mouse 
and the cursor follows it with a long delay. Switching to a terminal 
with CTRL-ALT-Fx is also hard and takes a while until it happens. After 
a while (a minute or so) things return to normal. I found how to 
reproduce it, but I'm unsure what is broken: KWin, Konsole, Plasma or 
the Nvidia binary drivers.
 To reproduce, you need to have a running Konsole.  One way to reproduce 
is to start two sessions (tabs) inside one Konsole and switch between 
the tabs. You might need to switch more than once. Sometimes you might 
see black screen for a while.
 The other, easier but harder to get rid of it, solution is to start top 
inside a konsole session. The problem appears for some other commands in 
konsole, like running cmake, switching directories, some operations in 

 The problem is that I cannot really identify which component is guilty.

1) The 169.12 and 173.14 drivers (the two latest stable drivers) show 
the problem. The 173.08 (a beta driver) doesn't show it. So it indicates 
a driver issue.

2) Konsole trunk shows the problem under trunk (with the guilty 
drivers). For some reason I cannot start konsole 4.0.4 from under trunk, 
it starts the trunk version... 

3) Konsole KDE3 under trunk has no problems.

4) Konsole 4.0.4 under KDE 4.0.4 has no problems

5) removing plasmarc, konsolerc does not help

6) removing kwinrc helps

1) and 6) makes me think is a kwin + composite + nvidia issue. The 
problem here is:
1) desktop effects disabled on login - no problem
2) dekstop effects enabled on login - problem is visible
3) dekstop effects enabled on login, but disabled afterwards - problem 
4) desktop effects disabled on login and turned on afterwards - no 

5) opengl or xrender setting: I can't decide whether they make a 
difference. I saw the problem, switched to xrender, problem gone 
away.Logged out/logged in - problem reappears. If in case 4) I turn on 
the effects, it works both with opengl and xrender.

If I log in through ssh and monitor CPU usage with top, I see either 
Xorg going up to 100% (still I have dual core CPU, why does it lock 
completely?), or some random process using 99% (hal-addon-storage, 

What can I do aside of turning off desktop effects or use the beta driver? 
There must be something that changed between KDE 4.0.4 and trunk that 
causes the problems. Also I'm clueless why it happens only with konsole.

I hope somebody with knowledge about the composition stuff has an idea 
what is going on.

System details:
Opensuse 11.0 (rc1)
Nvidia Geforce 7600 GS
Opteron 180 dual-core
Nvidia binary driver (see versions above)
From xorg.conf:
  Option        "NvAgp" "1"
  Option        "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "True"
  Option        "UseCompositeWrapper" "true" //this doesn't change 
   Option       "Clone" "off"
  Option       "Xinerama" "off"
 Option       "Composite" "on"

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