[patch] [Bug 160506] Bugfix "Restore volumes on login"-setting is ignored" for KDE4.0 branch

Christian Esken esken at kde.org
Sat May 31 10:25:06 BST 2008


the attached simple patch fixes an unpleasant KMix bug. Without the patch the volume will most likely be restored on Login even if you switch that option off (*). Can this still go into KDE4.0.5 (I am aware that tagging was 3 days ago)? Patch is already commited to trunk and 4.0 branch.


(*) Detailed explanation: If you wonder why the autostart condition evaluates to "true" and not to "false": It reads an obsolete value from the KDE3 version of KMix. So you either have it restored always or not restored, independent from the setting of KDE4's KMix.

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