[PATCH] re-implement void kurlcompletion.cpp|DirectoryListThread::run() with Qt calls

Michael O'Shea michael.a.oshea at gmail.com
Sat May 31 00:08:28 BST 2008


I submitted a first draft of this a few weeks ago. David Faure made a few
suggestions which I carried out.

Here's a new version of the patch.

Its purpose is to re-implement void DirectoryListThread::run() (found in
kurlcompletion.cpp) using Qt calls.

On David's suggestion, it uses QDirIterator in order to maximise performance
and reduce memory footprint.

Notice that I haven't touched the method's behaviour in any way, as that was
not the intention of the patch. I do however believe that some of the method
prototypes as well as some of the logic in that source file could be
improved. I can always look at that at a later stage if someone agrees that
I should.

I hope this helps.


Michael O'Shea
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