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Thu May 29 10:32:25 BST 2008

On Wednesday 28 May 2008 23:40:52 Craig Drummond wrote:
> 1. In apps such as KWrite the print dialog just has the executable name as
> its title (e.g. "kwrite").  The attached "kdeprintdialog.cpp.diff" fixes
> this by setting the dialog's caption to be "Print - <AppName>". However,
> this introduces a new string "Print" - is this OK?

You'll need to OK this with the translators (kde-i18n@)

> 3. When printing to file, the QFileDialog is used to select the location. I
> noticed in qfiledialog.cpp the "_qt_filedialog_save_filename_hook" (etc.)
> variables, but these are marked as "Internal" (but are still exported). The
> attached kfiledialog.cpp.diff uses these "Internal" variables to override
> the Qt file dialog's with KDE ones. Are these safe to use? I assume not,
> unfortunately, but they are one way to solve the print dialog's file
> selector problem.

I believe Thomas Zander was playing with this, but ran into trouble with where 
I put the createPrintDialog functions (ie: it's too far down the stack in 
kdelibs to depend on KFileDialog in KIO).  The suggested solution was to dl 
libkfile, but I think other things took over.


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