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On Wednesday 28 May 2008, Craig Drummond wrote:
> 2. The "OK/Cancel" buttons do not have icons, even if this option is
> enabled within the control panel. KStyle could control this via
> the "SH_DialogButtonBox_ButtonsHaveIcons" style hint option. But can KStyle
> use KConfig? Or should this setting also be written via QSettings?

i don't believe it can use KConfig as it needs to be work from Qt only apps as 
well, which won't have the necessary KComponentData object that KConfig 
requires. perhaps it might work if it passed a self-made component data to 
KConfig? but still, probably nicer to just use QSettings in this case.

> 3. When printing to file, the QFileDialog is used to select the location. I

ugh; yes, this really is bad

> noticed in qfiledialog.cpp the "_qt_filedialog_save_filename_hook" (etc.)
> variables, but these are marked as "Internal" (but are still exported). The
> attached kfiledialog.cpp.diff uses these "Internal" variables to override
> the Qt file dialog's with KDE ones. Are these safe to use? I assume not,
> unfortunately, but they are one way to solve the print dialog's file
> selector problem.

this is a question for the trolltech people. i'm at a conference where some of 
the trolls are, so i'll bounce this off them today and urge one of them to 
get back to you on this thread.

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