[kde-artists] Resolving icon naming conflicts

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Wed May 28 23:56:26 BST 2008

pinheiro wrote:
> A Monday 26 May 2008 09:43:41, Jakob Petsovits escreveu:
>> Hi core devs,
>> JRT and I have a small disagreement about an icon name (and possibly more
>> in the future), and it seems we can't resolve this issue by discussion as
>> each of us has already presented all of our arguments and we still can't
>> find consensus.
>> I ask you, "immediate supervisors" (quote JRT) to take a look at this
>> thread: http://lists.kde.org/?t=121062542200004&r=1&w=2
>> and help us out in resolving this issue.
>> Especially regarding the question of who has the authority for icon naming
>> decisions if dead ends like this one creep up. It's a slightly difficult
>> issue as icon naming affects artists and developers alike, and doesn't
>> really belong to any existing realm.
>> kdelibs? handles icon loading and the technical side of icon fallbacks.
>> oxygen? is what i work on, but also affects other themes.
>> kdebase/runtime? has oxygen just as a "minor" part amongst other large
>> pieces of concrete code.
>> So who's responsible for this area? It also doesn't help that the
>> kdeartists module doesn't have an official maintainer listed at
>> http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Release_Team#Coordinator_List .
>> So, it's basically up to Oliver Goffart (kdebase/runtime coordinator) and
>> kde-core-devel (overall input and governance) to decide how this issue can
>> be resolved. Please advise.
>> I'm sorry to steal your time with annoying issues like this, but I can't
>> handle this by myself anymore, especially with JRT asking where he can go
>> if he doesn't agree with me (and considering that neither I nor JRT have
>> any official maintainership over icon naming).
>> Wishes,
>>   Jakob
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> Just to say that I fully trust your judgement on the issues, You have done a 
> superb joob so far, the names actulay make alot of sence now. 
> Im not sure If I can do this but has Oxygen naming goes you have full 
> manternership of the naiming issues IMO. 
> And im prety sure im talking in bealf of every one in Oxygen.
I see some issues.

The most important is that the icon names need to make sense not only to 
people but to the KDE Icon Loader code.  Making sense to people is a 
lower standard that being logically correct for the code.  E.G. the code 
will choke on names that are perfectly acceptable to people.

This is not only a question of the Oxygen names.  It is a question of 
ALL KDE4 icon names -- for all icon themes.

Although JP seems to think that it is OK for him to name Oxygen icons 
one thing and have me rename the icons in KDEArtWork something else.  I 
fully realize that this is unacceptable, it won't work, and I will not 
do it.  This idea is counter to common sense and the ultimate counter 
example to that the old open source motto "who does the work decides".

Obviously, the KDE project needs global design and planning.  Therefore, 
we need a better method than just having JP decide and others trying to 
figure out what he did by looking at the SVN module.

The icon names need to be logical and they need to be fully documented. 
  I started to document them but had to give it up since JP did not 
provide me with the information needed -- he put me out of the loop.

Therefore, we continue to have a problem.  Most of the icons in 
KDEArtWork have the old KDE3 names and some of them have KDE4 names that 
are not the same as JP's names.  This is not OK.

This needs to be resolved in a utilitarian manner -- one that works for 


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