[Slightly OT] python based kdesvn-build variant that uses git locally available

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at free.fr
Mon May 26 13:21:47 BST 2008

Michael Jansen wrote:
>> One question though: how do you handle svn:externals? I keep some modules
>> as svn because of those nasty things.
> I knew there was something i should have put on my TODO list. I have made
> an extensive research and have some ideas how to solve it. Someday i will
> TRY to implement a generic solution. For now i think i will hardcode the
> oxygen/ozone exceptions. Btw. couldn't we just make up a kde rule to
> forbid copy+paste even when implemented with svn:externals. Just joking.

I would like such a rule! Don't get me started on svn:externals :)


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