Let kquitapp fail verbosely

Stefan Monov logixoul at gmail.com
Sun May 25 07:13:58 BST 2008

Hi, thanks for the comments. :)

> Since KDE includes are already present I'd use kError() or kWarning() (not
> kDebug() either way).
kWarning() outputs:
kquitapp(4511)/ main: "foo: no application quit"
Quite ugly and debuggish. At least, the function "main" and the
quotation marks shouldn't be there. Is kWarning() really intended for
use with command line tools?

> Also in theory people can have a notification pop up
> for these types of events if there's not running kquitapp from the shell.
But this popup would be annoying if I actually worked in the shell,
and I don't think kquitapp is told who launched it.

I attached the current patch for reference.

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