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> [: Alexander Neundorf :]
> Completely unrelated to the issue, but, do I see here that "kwrite" as
> application name is translated to k-i18n("write") , i.e. k-pisanye ? Is
> this good ? Do we also have "k-schreiben" in german for kwrite ?

You are correct here. Whether to do this, and to what extent, is a favorite
flamewar fuel in Serbian (the screenshots are Serbian) localization circles.

Given that we also tend to transcribe the names we don't translate (well,
some do), e.g. Кејт (Keyt) instead of Kate, it comes somewhat natural to
actually translate them from time to time. Even Microsoft's translators,
traditionally cautious with trademarks etc., translated e.g. Notepad into
Бележница (Belezhnitza).

Of others that worry about trademarks, Mozilla folks prohibited outright
translation of their apps' names (for translations that aspire to get into
official distribution), but allowed transcription, e.g. Фајерфокс
(Fayerfoks) for Firefox.

> (the menu even says "fail" in cyrillic, i.e. they didn't translate "file"
> [...] actually I guess "fail" is the russian word for "file", which is
> basically the english word written using cyrillic letters)

You are correct here (additionally "they" equals kh, kh...), but KDE is
presently the single environment localized to Serbian that uses фајл (fayl)
instead of датотека (datoteka). Another well established flamewarfare

Chusslove Illich (Часлав Илић)
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