More specific KIO Error Strings

nf2 nf2 at
Mon Mar 31 01:15:17 BST 2008

At the moment the KIO error messages are limited to the pre-definded 
messages in KIO::buildErrorString(int errorCode, const QString 
&errorText). The errorText doesen't contain a full description of the 
problem, but rather the host-name or file-name to be inserted into the 
pre-definded messages. I wonder if it would make sense to allow slaves 
to construct error messages themselves. This would be particularly 
useful when porting KIO to VFS-systems which already provide such full 
(and translated) error messages.

My proposal would be that KIO::buildErrorString() just returns the 
errorText when it is prefixed with something like "{vendor} ".
That way we could also communicate the identity of the actual VFS-system 


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