Jos van den Oever jvdoever at
Sat Mar 29 21:31:31 GMT 2008

2008/3/29, Anders Lund <anders at>:
> On fredag 28 Marts 2008, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
>  > Maybe by default it shouldn't process source files ?
>  > This would help at least developers who often have huge source and build
>  > trees in their homes.
>  > Maybe there are other similar typical use cases.

You would *want* to index those to help with coding.
The issue which is described is definitely a bug which i'm tracking down.
Indexing my src dir (1.3 Gb) takes less than 10 minutes when using 1
cpu core when I analyze all files including the svn ones.

Giving Strigi ionice would be good. We have code for going ionice but
if there's a better version, i'd happilly accept it.

SVN can easily be filtered out by excluding '.svn/' from the index.
The trailing '/' indicates it should exclude any directory with that


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