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Sat Mar 29 22:11:54 GMT 2008

On March 29, 2008 00:26:36 Anders Lund wrote:
> On fredag 28 Marts 2008, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> > Maybe by default it shouldn't process source files ?
> > This would help at least developers who often have huge source and build
> > trees in their homes.
> > Maybe there are other similar typical use cases.
> On one hand, it would likely make it run less, since we quite often
> adds/removes a huge amount of files.
> On the other hand at least I often greps/searches exactly those files, so
> having themindexed is good.

source yes, but.. build (and installed?) files are just clutter.

> This could be seen as a call for fine grained configuration, so we could
> have the 'light' indexing of object files and more in depth indexation of
> source files?
> An obvious problem is svn, which creates really huge amounts of extra
> files, very often disturbing searches. So filtering those out could be a
> good choice.

indeed. I think it would make sense to completely, flat-out ignore all .svn 

> Question: If I add a filter to not index some files, will they be removed
> from the index?

is it possible to reliably not-index things now? strigi kept coming back from 
the dead and filling my home partition, so I kinda crippled it and left it 
twitching... that was quite a while ago, so whatever bug it was probably got 
fixed :)

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