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Sat Mar 29 07:26:36 GMT 2008

On fredag 28 Marts 2008, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> Maybe by default it shouldn't process source files ?
> This would help at least developers who often have huge source and build
> trees in their homes.
> Maybe there are other similar typical use cases.

On one hand, it would likely make it run less, since we quite often 
adds/removes a huge amount of files.

On the other hand at least I often greps/searches exactly those files, so 
having themindexed is good.

This could be seen as a call for fine grained configuration, so we could have 
the 'light' indexing of object files and more in depth indexation of source 

An obvious problem is svn, which creates really huge amounts of extra files, 
very often disturbing searches. So filtering those out could be a good 

Question: If I add a filter to not index some files, will they be removed from 
the index?


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