Minitools problem

Anders Lund anders at
Sat Mar 22 21:44:19 GMT 2008

On lørdag 22 Marts 2008, Anders Lund wrote:
> I'd be more interrested in a real fix than in fighting encoding for
> individual bits. It could be an experiment though.

So, after urlencoding the javascript text and pasting it into keditbookmarks, 
that converted it immediately to readable text.

It didn't work immediately though. Before I could attempt to restart konqueror 
to check if that would help, something made global shortcuts not work, plasma 
crashed and i had to log in and then again because kded crashed, but hey: the 
minitool works...

Conclusion: minitools.xml can't be migrated to kde4 at this point. Some sort 
of a migration tool is required.

Other thought: The bookmark editor sucks for minitools. Editing scripts in a 
40 characters wide line input is stupid.


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