Minitools problem

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Sat Mar 22 23:13:54 GMT 2008

Richard Moore wrote:
>> I just pasted them into the bookmark editor (long time ago, in kde 3).
>> I believe that or the bookmark loader should do whatever is required
>> with the text. (and if worked of course for years in kde 3, which is
>> why i suspect that it has to do with KURL now inheriting QUrl)
>It seems likely that the KURL change is what's broken it yeah, but the
>URL is not valid. As I said, I'd suggest trying to url encode it and
>see if it then works. If so then the bug is in the tool that created
>the URL in the first place.

KURL accepted badly encoded %.

QUrl/KUrl don't. % must be followed by two hex digits.

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