[patches to kdelibs/base] request for comment

Marcel Partap mpartap at gmx.net
Fri Mar 21 18:03:45 GMT 2008

> ...
> I have one concern and one issue with the code.
Thank you very much for pointing out the issues and sorry I have not replied sooner, had to pass a 
VERY important exam which I hopefully did.

> The concern is whether this should be in KUrl.  I don't like stuffing API
> like goToFirstMondayOfNextMonth() to our classes. The use-cases are very 
> limited. And those are best accomplished by external functions (the class 
> members should protect the invariant). The way I see it, going up in 
> subdomain is very specific to a browser, so it would belong in libkonq, 
> not libkdecore.
I am not sure either, I just thought then it would be easier to integrate into any dir view and the 
file dialogs.. but it is true, it has a very limited use scope.. maybe there are different use cases 
for KUrl::hasSubdomain, in that case a patch incorporating your suggestions is attached. However the 
other patch implementing this only for the konqueror up button does not depend on it.
Also attached is again the patch to fix #113077 which hasn't been committed, what is the problem 
with that one?
thx again for your time to help a n0ob get started with koding :)
regards, marcel.

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