Kubuntu Settings in KDE

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Thu Mar 20 17:58:13 GMT 2008

On Thursday, 20. March 2008, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
>  * Sub menus are bad.  To simplify the k-menu, Utilities has been
>    flattened to one level.  The old kcontrol categories
>    (X-KDE-settings-hardware etc) have been marked not to be included
>    to stop them appearing in Lost and Found.
>  * cryptodefaults: don't warn when submitting forms to unencrypted
>    sites, everyone does this all the time with Google etc
>  * kdeglobals: show previews in file manager by default
+1 for all of those

>  * kwalletrc: don't run first time wizard, its more confusing than
>    than just asking for a password

On the other hand, using KMail & Co. without KWallet is a pain in the ass,
and people who don't know that they can do that might not ever discover that 
functionality if they're not pushed to it.

Personally I like to use the passwordless variant, but that's arguably a bad 
default as well, especially if the users don't know about possible 

So, ...yeah, I would agree with that measure, but it should be mentioned 
prominently in some tutorial that the user gets to see when setting up the 
system. Maybe something for the Welcome plasmoid? (Where did that one go, 
btw? wasn't it supposed to replace ktip?)

>  * ktip: don't run this.  Just kill it.  Kill it dead.

>  * kwin: double click on window bar to maximise/minimise (does anyone
>  * use windowbar shading?)
>  * click instead of hover on kickoff

If it were just for me I'd say +1, however I kinda dislike when Kubuntu 
doesn't take decisions to heart that were explicitely decided in KDE before.
Nonetheless, you'd get my vote if the maximize/restore issue is revived.

>  * konquerorsu: NoDisplay in apps menu (root is bad)
>  * klipper: NoDisplay in apps menu (autostarted)
>  * systemsettings: NoDisplay in apps menu (in Computer and Favourites)

I wouldn't have discovered systemsettings in Computer, but now that you 
mention it, ...yeah, neat, one less Favorites entry :)

>  * kwalletmanager: NoDisplay in menu (available though systray applet)
>  * kppplogviewer: NoDisplay in menu (available through kppp)

> == kdepim ==
>  * NoDisplay on apps included in Kontact, users don't need two ways to
>    get to the same thing

Actually, that's a two-sided sword.

On the one hand, I don't need anything else than Kontact personally, and all 
those entries should definitely disappear from my menu (like they do in 
Kubuntu). On the other hand, the kdepim people have always emphasized the 
possibility to run those apps independently, and hiding the entries won't 
please the maintainers and the people that don't use Kontact.

It's maybe easier to delete entries from the menu than to get NoDisplay items 
back. I think this should ideally be a setting in Kontact/KMail/KOrganizer 
(etc.) where the entries can be shown or hidden regardless of the KDE or 
distro defaults. Then again, this is probably difficult from a technical 
point of view.

I also want to point out that Kubuntu is inconsistent in hiding Kontact 
embedded apps: Akregator is installed by default and in the menu 
nevertheless, although it belongs into Kontact just as KMail does.

And lastly, if I want to start one of the PIM apps independently (say, because 
I'm in the middle of some work and don't want to be distracted by mails and 
feeds) then not even Katapult will start those apps, I need to consult the 
terminal to start them. Not cool.

> == kdemultimedia ==
>  * Add an autostart file for kmix, set main window hidden by default

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